The six distilleries on the Strathspey Whisky Trail

If walking is your pastime and the taste of Whisky your love, then this walk is going to get your mouth watering with excitement. The world renowned Speyside Whisky Trail, which goes through the heart of Scotland’s whisky country, is a must for the connoisseur. The walk which takes on average 6-7 days passes 6 working distilleries plus the local Speyside cooperage, where you can witness the barrels being made on a guided tour, this is an ancient technique still used today using different woods for different types of alcohol beverages.

Benromach is probably the smallest active working distillery in the Speyside area, built in the late 20 century near the village of Forres, the distillery is probably one of the more less known but the Whisky is matured in selected casks which give this a taste of excellence, so well worth taking a time from your walk for a visit.

Glenfiddich comes from the water source which makes this Whisky, the biggest selling malt Whisky in the world, the River Fiddich. This rather delicate but small distillery was founded near the end of the 20 century and is still run by the same family which started the distillery over 140 years ago. The company also bottle their own Whisky which is very rare in the whisky making business these days.

Cardhu have not been long in making single malt Whisky’s as they have been concentrating on blended Whisky until recently where they have just brought out a 1998 rare malt edition.

Glenlivet is based near the river Spey and takes its spring source from the River Livet, hence the Whisky’s name. The Livet River is perfect for whisky making as the cold mountain stream water flows into the river Spey and is ideal for the distilling process. The Glen Livet is loved around the world and is thought upon as being a special Whisky full of history.

Glen Grant is one exception the Speyside Whisky family, the colour, this comes from the different process the Grant family use to make their golden drink, make no qualms this Whisky is one of a kind and tastes exquisite, definatley worth a visit to this distillery where you will not be disappointed.
Strathisla malt Whisky is the oldest distillery in the Speyside area, where the taste of the whisky is rather dry and oaky, coming from the selected oak casks that they use.

If you are going to walk the Speyside walk and take in the countryside which is surrounding, you have to take time out and visit all of the distilleries that are open on this route. Even an amateur dabbler will find out that all Whisky’s have something different about them, coming from the process to how the Whisky is stored in casks. This is a great walk and a must for all the family.

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