Scotland’s Malt Whisky Trail

The next part of the Malt Whisky trail takes us to Aberlour, home of the Glen grant malt whisky. This Whisky was founded in 1840 by two grant brothers and the descendants of the family still have a strong bond in the making and standards of the Glen Grant Whisky.

Glenlivet Whisky

The distillery is well visited and the visitors centre is frequented by 10.000 connoisseurs per year wanting to feel and smell this gorgeous tasting whisky. If you prefer for a private tour then this can also be accommodated by the friendly distillery staff. One thing that you may not forget about your experience here at Aberlour is the walk through their restored garden, brought back to its original glory; the Victorian garden is definatley worth a visit to round off a great visit to a great distillery.

Onwards and upwards towards Banffshire, the home of the Glenlivet Malt Whisky. Although based in Speyside the water is taken from the River Livet in a beautiful glen in the middle of Scotland’s whisky making heart. The Glenlivet has many stories to tell about smugglers hidden in the depths of the Highlands or the visit from King George the IV, who requested especially a illegal dram from the Glen Livet distillery.

There are also signposted paths around the grounds which give you self guided walks in the footsteps of the smugglers, follow their route and get a feel of how they felt smuggling the Whisky out of the grounds and into the outside World. There is a pamphlet about the routes which can be picked up at the visitors centre. The paths range from 6-11 km and are really worth taking part in.

There are a few different tours that can be booked at the visitors centre, and there is something for everyone, if you are just looking for a quick insight into how the whisky is made etc… There is a free tour which lasts for about 45 minutes leaving the distillery every 20 minutes, an excellent choice for the walking visitor.

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